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Just a few of the Services we Offer:
Full Color Printing... Graphic Design... Business package Printing...Newsletters... Brochures... Business Cards... Flyers...Direct Mail Campaigns, mail lists and Promotions...Self Mailers... Letterheads... Envelopes... Postcards... Full Color MS Publisher Printing... NCR Forms... Large Format Posters...High Speed Copy Service...Legal Copy Specialists... Folding... GBC Binding... Numbering... Raised Lettering... Invitations... Color Scanning... Macintosh, IBM and PC Platforms... Color Output...Database Management...and many, many more.... just call one of our customer service representatives for help!

Are You a Microsoft Publisher User?
You Don't have to be left out of the printing world! We handle Microsoft Publisher Files. Fill out our Feedback or On-line Quote form, and we'll answer any questions you may have about how to receive quality printing from your files.

Printing & Mailing Services:

At Mitchell Printing & Mailing, our goal is to give you the best printing and mailing services possible to make your Campaign a success...

We'll take your project from "Concept to Post Office" and we won't miss a beat in between!

Why Mail with Us?

From our friendly knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives, to our on time delivery of your piece to the Post Office, everything we do is to insure your Direct Mail Campaign success.

Selecting a mailing list

The most important part of your mailing should not be left to chance. We can provide you with all the information you need for a complete and thorough marketing campaign, from selecting your demographic to SIC codes, phone numbers, and contacts. A successful campaign begins with the best database creation, and we do that for you!

Working with your list

Already have a list? Upload it to our website and we take it from there, whether you need additions or deletions or address correction, let us handle it for you!

Certifying and Sorting your list

We have what we believe is "The Best Mailing Software on the Planet", NOCA, CASS and PAVE certified software. This certification, available only from the U. S. Postal Service, enables us to get you the maximum postal discounts available. Often the postage savings alone more than pay for our services. Your mail pieces are addressed and bar coded by our ink jet addressing machine at speeds up to 13,000 pieces per hour. Not only can we purge duplicate names and/or addresses from your list, saving you money, but our software also interacts with the U.S. Postal Service Database to indicate undeliverable and changed addresses. This valuable service eliminates you paying for mail that can't be delivered.

Wouldn't it be nice not to pay .37 cents for every mail piece?

Mitchell Printing & Mailing will help you dramatically reduce your postage bills by taking advantage of discount programs available only to us from the United States Postal Service.

Many of our customers have reduced their postage bill by as much as 25%! Not only will you pay the lowest postage possible, Mitchell Printing & Mailing will correct your addresses so that your direct mail is delivered faster and more accurately.

We will also remove the duplicate addresses from your mailing lists, saving you postage, printing, and embarrassment with your customers. We then finish the job by automatically printing USPS approved forms, tags, and addresses along with the money-saving, postal barcode, which allows us to obtain these discounts for you.

Correct addresses are required to take advantage of USPS discount programs. Correct addresses also get your mail to its destination faster and more accurately. A great looking mailpiece and a terrific offer means nothing if it doesn't get to the recipient. Mitchell Printing & Mailing is fully certified by the United States Postal Service to:

  • a.. Correct misspellings, directionals (N, SE, etc.) and designators (ST, BLVD, etc.)
  • b.. Update 5-digit ZIP codes and add the ZIP +4 code and carrier routes
  • c.. Assign Line-of -Travel (LOT) for greater postal discounts
  • d.. Add congressional and county code
  • e.. Correct multiple lines of address information

Would you ever put two stamps on a letter that requires only one? Of course not, so why continue to pay more for postage than the USPS actually requires?

Many people do not realize the USPS charges substantially lower postal rates for customers who organize their mail before putting it into the system. In addition to the substantial savings, this pre-sorted mail travels quickly to its destination.

Why Postal Discounts?

When you drop a letter in the postal system, it begins a long and complex journey. First, it is sorted according to regional destination. After being delivered to the regional center, it is sorted again to determine the local Postal Office. Then it is sorted again to determine the carrier, who may again sort it to arrange it in an efficient delivery order.

Your letters, along with the 20 million other pieces that go into the mail each day, are handled by a countless number of people and machines before reaching the final destination. How you prepare your mail ultimately determines the level of automation for each step.

By utilizing our software and knowlege, we are able to pre-sort your mail before it makes it to the post office.We barcode your envelopes to make your mail automation compatible. By utilizing Mitchell Printing & Mailing for your mail projects, you can be sure you correctly recive the USPS charges and pay substantially less for postage for your mailings.

Why Design With us?

Our talented and experienced designers will help you design marketing materials with the perfect look for your business, and written to sell you and your products to your customers. With over 40 years combined experience in Advertising, Marketing and print design we can design an attractive piece for you that sells your ideas or products. Your piece will be designed to meet Postal Regulations.

Why Print with us?

We have the right people and equipment to make your printing project look great! Our quality control standards are at the top of the industry and we refuse to give you anything but perfection! Our complete bindery department allows us to professionally finish your mailer any number of ways, always keeping within Postal Regulations.

Bring us your concept and let us take it to the Post Office for you!

Call John or Kathy Henry today for an appointment to plan your next mailing! (315)-343-3531. E-mail us with your name and we wil send you a complimentary PDF of our Guide to Direct Mail Preparation.

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